Tiny Twisters Gymnastics classes

The classes are 30 minutes long, limited in size, each lesson is both exciting and positive. We use a wide selection of specialized equipment sized just right for kids. The lessons ensure the gymnasts are never bored and will just love participating week after week. Tiny Twisters Gymnastics is for children 2 till 9 years old at schools.

What is the Tiny Twisters Gymnastics franchise opportunity?

The Tiny Twisters Gymnastics business opportunity is far more than just a new well -structured and comprehensive gymnastics program. It is a franchise opportunity based on the Tiny Twisters Gymnastics program but aimed at the gymnastics coach or business entrepreneur that is looking to build a financially viable and sustainable business in the exciting and vibrant world of gymnastics.

Characteristics of a successful Tiny Twisters Gymnastics franchise owner

- Passionate to help and teach children

- Committed to help children develop through sport

- Is positive, energetic and enthusiastic

- Strives to make a difference in their local community

- Is outgoing, warm and friendly

- Posses good communication skills

- Confident in marketing themselves and the Tiny Twisters Program

- Is interested in running their own business

- Proficient in management and administration skills

- Good at a variety of sports

How does it work?

The successful applicant would be allocated a region for which they have applied, provide that region is still available, the region is then allocated to them exclusively in that no other Tiny Twisters Gymnastics instructors may take place, other than those gymnastic coaches contracted directly to them, (i.e. regional exclusivity). As a Tiny Twisters Gymnastics franchisee owner, you will be required to employ gymnastics coaches and allocate those coaches to venues in that region thereby maximizing the business and income earning potential of the franchise owner as well as maximizing the exposure for the Tiny Twisters Gymnastics Brand and fully utilizing the opportunity within the region.




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