Belinda Smith:

What a wonderful idea for our children I love this!

Chandre Smook:

There is no better sport to start from then gymnastics. It prepares children's kinesthetic awareness and develops there muscle and coordination unlike any other sport! And that is exactly what Tiny Twisters offers your children. I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you for all the coaches who works so hard coaching and teaching little kids basics of gymnastics and at the same time having fun!

Jennifer Lopes:

Tiny Twisters Gymnastics is an amazing program for our young gymnasts,teaching them the basic skills and fundamentals of gymnastics and enjoying it at the same time. The kids love and enjoy each and every moment of it. The joy it gives the kids makes me love my job more and more each day. It's absolutely amazing!

Stephanie Holroyd :

Alberton Twisters and Tiny Twisters is such a great place to send your child. One of the best Gymnastics clubs there is! Highly recommend it.

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